Beware of a Movement which Smiles


The greatest weapon in the independence arsenal lies within ourselves.

1937429902When Scotland voted No to independence on 18 September 2014, one would have expected a party atmosphere, cheering, laughing, singing and dancing in the streets. A time of celebration would have been the expected reaction to the result.

That indeed is what has happened. But that party atmosphere has not come from the No voters, but rather from the Yes camp. If aliens landed in Scotland today, they could be forgiven for being mistaken that the referendum had gone to Yes.

The amazing scenes in Glasgow’s George Square, more recently outside of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, and elsewhere in Scotland have shown a Yes movement which has taken a serious knock, who have picked themselves up and dusted themselves down. We are bloodied, but we are unbowed.

And where are the celebrations of the No camp? There have not…

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