Something Fishy in the Scottish Polls



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There are two full days remaining before polls open over Scotland in a referendum that will determine whether Scotland, after 307 years of London rule, will remain with or leave the United Kingdom. Over the weekend the British state broadcaster, the BBC, highlighted the rather dubious, and embarrassingly anachronistic, support for the Better Together pro-Union campaign offered by the intensely sectarian Orange Order in its parade through the streets of Edinburgh. Yet on the other side of Scotland, in Glasgow, tens of thousands of Yes supporters crowded the streets in celebration of their anticipated referendum victory on Thursday, and not a single mention was made of it by the BBC. Over the latter stages of the campaign the BBC have been found to remove Yes supporters from the background of its ‘special reports’ and Photoshop ‘No’ signs where there were none. Under increasing pressure from the people of Scotland, and…

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EP REVIEW: ALBANNACH- ‘Independence’ (2014)

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outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes

Albannach is Scots-Gaelic for “Scottish” or “Scotsman”, and that’s exactly what Albannach are. All born and bred in Scotland and their purpose in life is to share Scotland’s culture, history and heritage with us by means of their music. In a folk scene dominated by pipe and drum bands Albannach are breathing new life into Scot’s music. Their first self titled LP came out in 2005 and has been followed by 2 more studio and 2 more live albums and a handful of EP’s.
AlbannachThe ‘Independence’ EP was first released in 2012 to lend support to the campaign for an independent Scotland.  Albannach are proud supporters of the YES Campaign for Scottish Independence. Something we at London Celtic Punks are totally backing as well. The EP has been re-released as a free download for all supporters of an independent Scotland. Consisting of…

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The Day It Became Truly Real

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(Fair warning, this is the angriest post I think I’ve done. Just so you know…)

Alistair Darling came to Greenock today. The town of my birth, where I spend many of my days, which is as familiar to me as anything I can think of. He came here, to spread his message. He came here.

He came here with his big vans. “I love my family. I’m saying No Thanks.” “I love Scotland. I’m saying No Thanks.” We love our kids. We’re saying No Thanks.” You’d be hard-pressed to write a more implicitly chilling threat. “You love Scotland, don’t you? You love your family? Then you’ll vote No, won’t you? If you love Scotland, and you love your family, then you want what’s best for them. You don’t want to see harm come to them. You don’t want something… unpleasant to happen to them. So you’ll vote No. There’s a…

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Dinner with No Voters or “What I wanted to say before the Pudding hit the fan”

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10325374_842844915744161_1747748988925750116_nThis from Peter Arnott works as a part response to this conflict-averse piece by Madeleine Bunting (check the weird ethnic civic framing).

One thing that almost all of my friends who tell me they intend to vote No in September have in common is that they wish that this referendum campaign had never happened. They don’t see the need for it. They think it is needlessly sowing doubt, division and uncertainty at a time when nobody really wanted the debate to happen. They wish the whole damn thing would go away and be forgotten.

I have a certain amount of sympathy with that. I am sure Alex Salmond does too. After all, he didn’t expect the Labour Party in Great Britain and in Scotland to collapse quite so comprehensively as they did in 2010 and 2011, and thus make possible the election of a majority SNP administration at Holyrood that…

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Letter from Hanoi, Vietnam on our Independence Referendum

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The letter below arrived on the Bella desk (via Margaret who helps organise for Yes Helensburgh & Lomond).  Sometimes you need an outside view to help put things into perspective.  Thank you Phi Yến Pham.

June 28, 2014

A Vietnamese view of Scotland’s vote for independence

I have never been to Scotland, am not a journalist and normally have no interest in politics. I have, however, become fascinated by the independence debate in Scotland where I understand that some recent online polls have suggested a very high level of support for Independence[1] while the most recent offline poll suggests that Scots will be much more likely to vote in favour of independence if they think the current British government will be voted in again[2].

But the question I ask myself again and again is: why would anyone vote No?

As far as I can tell it seems to be because some people think independence…

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Paddy Punx

Paddy Punx Blog was started in 2009 and ran for a couple of years gaining a massive following and then just as quickly as it came it suddenly went off air. How it began or who told me about it I cannot remember but the site introduced me to literally 100’s of bands from all corners of the earth that I would never otherwise have got to see or hear. It has though left behind a legacy evident in pretty much every celtic-punk fans record collection and just in case you’re one of the poor unfortunates to have missed it we give you these massive collections put together by the blog. All contain well over 100 songs by the worlds best ever bands to have ever picked up a mandolin and play anything remotely similar to celtic-punk. We’re still none the wiser about who was behind the Blog but when…

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